TKL Rally: Voice of the People

Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian’s rally at Yio Chu Kang stadium featured 15 speakers.

Without making any reference to any names, he described “Candidate A” as a good doctor but “not an expert in financial matters”.

Of “Candidate B”, Mr Tan said, “many people were afraid he is confrontational and cannot work with the Government”. ”

Candidate C”, who had been a Government minister for more than 20 years, was “involved in the policies that have contributed to the situation that you are facing today” and may not act independently of the Government, Mr Tan added.

Kwan Yue Keng

He is a retired Regional Sales Manager of a MNC dealing in advanced engineering equipment for energy-related industries. He previously contested in general elections in 1988, 1991 and 1997 as a SDP candidate.

Sunteralingam s/o Visuvalingam

He is a teacher in a private secondary school. He was an Electronics Engineer at Singtel and Motorola.

Dr Tommy Wong Sai Wai

A freelance international book editor and author, Dr Wong was a professor in civil engineering at a local university.

Francis Tan

He is a business consultant with more than 26 years experience in the insurance industry. He has held senior positions in a local listed insurance company.

Albert Tan

He is presently a General Manager of Truscott Crisis Leaders, a regional crisis consultancy supporting clients across the Asia Pacific. He is also active in pro bono roles in the Environment and in Education. He previously worked for Shell globally for over 30 years, with his last assignment as General Manager, External Affairs, for Shell Eastern. He is the older brother of Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian.

Ivy Singh-Lim

She is a fortunate Singaporean who has great love for her country and hence chose to retire in our own Kranji countryside where she is making a difference for society.

Syafarin bin Sarif

He is Regional Project Manager at a MNC. He recently stood as a candidate in the Tampines GRC under the NSP ticket, but he is speaking tonight in his personal capacity.

Leong Sze Hian

He is a Past President, Society of Financial Service Professionals. He is a Wharton Fellow and an alumnus of Harvard University. He has authored four books, the latest of which is about “Issues That Matter to Singaporeans”.

Bryan Lim Boon Heng

He is a manager in the healthcare industry. He is speaking in his personal capacity as a friend & supporter of Mr Tan Kin Lian.

Anthony Chia

He was a Colombo Plan scholar and formerly Director of News at the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation and CEO of the Radio Corporation of Singapore. He is the Campaign Director for Mr Tan Kin Lian.

V Vijaykumarr

He is a Senior Vice President in a multi-national company that provides banking and insurance solutions. He has previously worked for National Computer Systems, NTUC Income and PSA.

Goh Meng Seng

He was the Secretary-General that led the National Solidarity Party during the 2011 GE. He has since stepped-down to allow for the renewal process in the Party. He is currently taking a sabbatical from politics to concentrate on his business and to spend more time with his family.

Mdm Vivian Tan

She is the wife of Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian.

Tan Su Ling

She is the eldest daughter of Presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian. She is an architect.

Tan Kin Lian

Formerly the CEO of NTUC Income, Tan Kin Lian is a candidate of the 2011 Presidential Elections. He spoke in English, Mandarin, Teochew, Malay & Tamil. Appended below is the speech in English & Mandarin.