About Us

New Asia Republic is a commentary website that covers Singapore’s current affairs from a cosmopolitan angle, encompassing the liberal-libertarian spectrum. It was founded by Donaldson Tan and Kelvin Teo in March 2010. It is a non-commercial entity driven by ad-hoc voluntary contributions, and an online community of liberals and libertarians.

Since the 14th century, Singapore has established itself as a vibrant sea port and a cosmopolitan hub at the heart of international and regional trade in Southeast Asia. Our international coverage focuses primarily on ASEAN affairs.

The views expressed in each article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of New Asia Republic and its editor(s), unless the article in question is explicitly designated as editorial. The title of editorial articles would be prefixed with “Editorial:”.

New Asia Republic is committed to the academic freedom of its writers. The questions on current affairs and public policies are open-ended ones, and thus there are no right or wrong answers. Hence, it makes no sense for a single school of thought to dominate the discourse here.

Our Mission

  • To provide liberal and libertarian worldviews.
  • To provide liberal and libertarian perspectives on Singapore.
  • To provide liberal and libertarian perspectives on ASEAN.
  • To act as an online platform for liberals and libertarians in Singapore to self-organise offline.

Key Personnel

Editor     Donaldson Tan

Donaldson Tan was formerly an editor at The Online Citizen. He was a branch officer of the United Nations Association (UK). In October 2009, he was nominated at the ASEAN People’s Forum to represent the economic interest of the youth sector to the ASEAN Summit. He is contactable at editor[at]newasiarepublic.com. Read his articles here.
Co-founder Kelvin Teo

Kelvin is currently pursuing graduate study in the health sciences. He is contactable at kelvin.teo[at]newasiarepublic.com. Read his articles here.

Special Projects Manager Min Cheong

Min oversees New Asia Republic’s editorial projects. She is contactable at spmanager[at]newasiarepublic.com. The former Vice President for Communications & Publications / Training & Adjudication Development of the Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters, she has competed in numerous international tournaments and coached high school and university students around the world. Read her articles here.

If you are interested to join our team, feel free to contact us. Singapore is home to not only just citizens, but also permanent residents, expatriates and other migrants who all have a stake in Singapore’s nationhood. New Asia Republic welcomes Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans into its team.