The Editor of New Asia Republic recommends the following websites.

On Singapore

  • TODAY:
  • Singapore News Alternative:
  • Public House:
  • Yawning Bread:
  • Singapore Recalcitrant:
  • Diary of a Singaporean Mind:

On International Affairs

  • ASEAN Economic Community Blog:
  • A Global Village (Imperial College):
  • New Mandela (Australia National University):
  • Michigan Journal of Business (University of Michigan):

On Science & Technology

  • Technology Review (MIT):
  • I, Science (Imperial College):
  • Green Technology Media:
  • Science Blogs:

On General Stuff

  • Ludwig von Mises Institute:
  • McKinsey Quarterly:
  • The New Republic:
  • Nieman Journalism Lab
  • New Statesman:
  • [email protected]:
  • [email protected]: