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Watch out for Internet trolls

New Asia Republic aims to foster a culture of constructive comments and useful dialogue between contributors and readers. We encourage commenters to express disagreement with writers through dialetics.

We see that as vitally important in our efforts to invigorate liberalism & libertarianism in Singapore with fresh ideas, challenge orthodoxies and forge a way forward.

Please don’t be under the misapprehension that this website has a laissez-faire comments policy where commenters can get away with whatever they want to say on account of their ‘freedom of speech’. That is most definitely not the case.

We have a stringent comments policy. We welcome constructive scrutiny of our views but may deal harshly with off-topic, diversionary or trollish comments. While the editor is generally responsible for moderating comments, each author can exercise moderation priveleges in the commentary thread of his own article.

We believe in freedom of speech, but unwanted commenters are more than welcome to exercise their free speech elsewhere on the blogosphere. We don’t wish to censor them there.

But we reserve the right to delete comments deemed abusive or troll-like in our space. We are not obliged to provide space to right-wing or left-wing loonies to abuse others or throw vitriol at writers.

Abusive, sarcastic and troll-ish comments (aimed at the editor, writers or other commenters) will be deleted. Misogynist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic comments will be deleted.

You are welcome to write a complaint to the editors if you feel you are constantly treated unfairly. We may get back to you but we are under no obligation to.

Allow us to stress once again: this is our collective blog and we have the right to set a stringent comments policy. If you do not like it you are under no obligation to participate. We value quality over quantity