Singapore envisioned having a nuclear power plant as far back as the 1960s

By The Straits Times, 28 September 1963, Page 1 and 17 October 1973, Page 17

A nuclear power plant

A nuclear power plant

Singapore A-power plant possible (Straits Times, 1963)

The next power station built in Singapore may be run by nuclear power.

This was stated today by the Chairman of the Public Utilities Board, Dr Fong Kim Heng, and the Board’s Electrical Engineer, Mr. Z. K. Fiuczek, when they spoke of future development.

Dr. Fong said:”If we do have another new power station in the next decade, it may be a nuclear one, using natural uranium and heavy water as moderator.”

Mr. Fiuczek said he had seen the plant operate successfully in Canada. A nuclear-powered plant would be as competitive as the present conventional type.

Engineers trained for N-power plant (Straits Times, 1973)

The Public Utilities Board is sending its engineers for training abroad to prepare for the proposed introduction of a nuclear power plant in Singapore.

Three engineers have just returned here after a six-month nuclear energy technology course at Lucas Heights, the research establishment of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission.

Create Pool

Last year, the PUB’s electricity department sent a senior engineer to attend a two-month nuclear feasibility study course in London.

The PUB’s 1972 annual report, just released, said the aim of sending its officers for overseas training was to create a pool of technical personnel familiar with the planning, construction and operation of a nuclear power plant. This was in anticipation of the introduction of a nuclear power reactor in the future, it added

Photo by Martin Prochnik, courtesy of Flickr Commons